Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Which Political party is BEST for the stock market?


Anonymous said...

This Chart seems to show a disconnect between what the Republicans think vs reality. Looks like the market does much better during Democratic reign... Goooooooooooooooo OBAMA!!!

Anonymous said...

In 93 & 94 (Clinton's first 2 years) the stock market was virtually flat. Clinton spent his first 2 years attacking big tobacco, pharmy companies, and trying to socialize healthcare. Investors didn't like that.


C&P and look at the chart above. Note that only after the "GOP controls Congress" did the stock market take off. Why? Because the GOP could block all of Clinton's attacks on corps, and investors knew they were once against safe from big gov't libs and their Marxist tactics.

Clinton finally learned who was his master, that is, conservatives. We have the money. Libs don't.

Either BHO gets his act together and caters to people with money or, just like in Clinton's first 2 years, people with capital will sit on the sidelines and wait until they get a House or Senate who can block his foolish agenda.

Anonymous said...

Previous anon poster,

Wow, looks like you conveniently left out the previous NINETY years in your bashing of Clinton.

So, going by your analogy, if conservatives have all the money, then explain to me why Bush and his Republican congress have failed to grow the economy in the way that Clinton has. (and please don't use the "Bush is an idiot" argument)

By the way, speak for yourself, McCain's agenda is nothing more than polarizing the already growing dichotomy of rich and poor; so, if you would like America to be a third world country, then by all means elect McCain as president.